QOE Service Monitoring

In terms of device provisioning, management and monitoring, Bizmatica helps telco providers to manage the broadband services provided to their clients – both private and business – on fixed and mobile networks. The solutions offered can build and monitor an integrated multi-tech and multivendor ecosystem, which allows the delivering of new value-added services.

The provisioning and device management solution is multiprotocol (TR-069, DOCSIS, SSH, telnet, http, etc.), it is access technology independent (xDSL, Cable, Fiber, WiMAX, LTE, etc.) and it meets flexibility, scalability and performance requirements.

Thanks to the monitoring solution it is possible to analyze the customer experience with regard to the delivered services (data, voice, video), developing reports for customer care, network operations and marketing operators.


Solutions and applications:
  • Open Device Management
  • Broadband Advanced Device Management
  • Business Router Management
  • Subscriber Self-care portal
  • E2E Service Provisioning
  • Self-Care for Workstation connection & service access
  • Voip Networks Management
  • FTTx Services management

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