Out in front of national and international IT scenario, Bizmatica provides its customers with the best skills to support their profitable growth and return on investment, by focusing on Customer Management and Operational Efficiency.

Bizmatica supports the whole value chain: from consultancy to design, and from implementation to solution management. Reliability, precision and innovation are the pillars of Bizmatica’s strategy. Opposed to traditional system integrators, Bizmatica implements systems and applications with TCO and Change Management reduced by over 40%. Moreover, the Company distinguishes itself from competitors for its ability to share its know-how with the IT department in order to hand-over the system for in-sourcing of maintenance and evolution.

Bizmatica has created a network of partnerships with international companies, to enhance quality and value of its offering. The expertise of partners together with the know-how and organizational knowledge allow Bizmatica to ensure efficiency and scalability of its solution.

Bizmatica’s proposition is based on onStage® methodology and offers a wide range of solutions for marketing, sales and customer care departments of large global companies. OnStage® methodology combines Bizmatica’s best practices in the field of Customer Experience Management and was conceived to highlight Bizmatica focus on all customer management tools, within a theatre of interactions where the customer is the main character on the stage.

Bizmatica identifies, translated and develops the needs of different business departments (marketing, sales, customer care) in order to redesign applications and processes in a way that put innovation on the front lines, assuring cost control and efficiency. Thus, onStage serves as a tool to allow companies to get the most of their investments.

Innovating relations is at the heart of Bizmatica business model, its solutions include:

Bizmatica, which is based in Milan and has more than 130 specialists, has achieved a positive result with consolidated net revenues of EUR15M and a positive trend.