oSPE – onStage Proactive Engagement

onStage Proactive Engagement (oSPE) is a Bizmatica’s product, that ads proactive features and web collaboration tools to companies website.

oSPE is an elegant answer for all companies that want to support their customers during online purchase or support processes. Traditional CTI approach to these issues has to face with constantly growing costs or, on the other hand, poor service which is not effective as it leaves the customer waiting online for longer and longer time.

oSPE is able to monitor web site customer behaviour during web site navigation, to push proactive messages and invitations (based on configured rules) and to manage dynamic web announcements, chat and customer callbacks for sales and support customer service.
Proactive engine is the core of oSPE solution that catches in real time all the information regarding customer web site navigation and behavior and then applies business rules to the customer web session.

Different actions can be triggered by oSPE rules:

    • WEB CHAT: an invitation to chat appears when customers show some hesitations to proceed with purchase or, on the other hand, customers can request a chat interaction through a static or dynamic button on the web page.
    • CALLBACK: customer’s data are collected through a web form and, after customer acceptance, the callback request is submitted to the call center queue.
    • REDIRECT: The web session can be redirected towards a predefined HTML URL.
    • BANNERS: the system shows a popup message, completely configurable (graphical layout) in the administration console.

Every action, before being triggered, must be accepted by customers, so companies can support them in a right and not-invasive way.
onStage Proactive Engagement enables businesses to offer step-by-step guidance to customers across rich web experience to improve customer online conversion rate and brand reputation.

This product is completely integrated with CIC from Interactive Intelligence so that it becomes the perfect choice for an Interactive Intelligence customer that wants to increase multichannel web proactivity of any solution. This integration allows oSPE to be informed in real time about CIC statistics (agent availability, AWT, etc) before triggering any interaction.


Solutions and applications:
  • Contact Center
  • Proactive Engagement

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