onStage ON AIR® – Enterprise API Manager

onStage ON AIR® is the innovative platform that exposes “legacy” application services to remote apps.

onStage ON AIR® gives to enterprises the ability to expose application services in a safe, fast and controlled way. The possibilities of applications have no end: business partner process integration, mobile applications, kiosks and other end-point connection outside the enterprise network.

The governance of services exposure is one of the really strong features of onStage ON AIR® . It gives high precision and secure control of the access and operation of remote applications on local enterprise services.

Access to exposed services is made through an API Gateway or through multiplatform libraries (Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry).

onStage ON AIR® eliminates all the complexities related to the traditional integration and enables the implementation of lean processes, strong customer experience and complex workflow with business partners.


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