onStage® Mobile: multiplatform mobile development

onStage Mobile® is a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) to implement high user experience Apps on all smart devices with both native and hybrid interfaces.
It is highly effective without being as invasive as other brand MADP on the existing infrastructure
because it provides the right tools to achieve and manage successful applications with high integration requirements with back end/legacy system (i.e. self care, self service, enterprise).

Delivering mobile solutions increases customer experience, brand visibility and employee productivity; nevertheless today’s mobile scenario presents considerable application development challenges: integration, device selection, scalability, security, working environments and user adoption.
That’s why selecting and deploying a mobile solution can be frustrating. A proven way is to adopt a Mobile Application Develpment Platform (MADP), such as onStage Mobile, that addresses most of the issuees in a consistent and reliable way.

onStage Mobile Key features are:

  • Easy development of Native, Hybrid, and Web (HTML5) Apps
  • Easy and fast integration with backend information
  • Compatibility with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 8, Windows 8
  • High performances due to optimized communications
  • Lightweight architecture for highly reliable scalability

onStage mobile Out of the Box features:

  • On device libraries (iOs, Android, BB, WP8, W8, Javascript)
  • Versioning manager
  • Encrypted Data device and server cache
  • Predictive cache
  • Message push cross platform
  • Traffic optimization
  • Traffic encryption
  • Monitoring tool
  • Application templates generic and vertical for industry
  • Connector to legacy systems

Moreover onStage Mobile® releases a complete set of ready-to-use templates that can be easily adapted to partners and customers and customized to their specific needs (e.g. telco, utilities, financial services). So onStage Mobile is the #1 platform to develop Self Care and Self Service Apps, to maximize customer experience and to optimize operating costs efficiently.

onStage Mobile Architecture



Solutions and applications:



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