onStage®: methodology

 OnStage ® methodology combines Bizmatica’s best practices in the field of Customer Experience Management and was conceived to highlight Bizmatica focus on all customer management tools, within a theatre of interactions where the customer is the main character on the stage.

Customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention  are based on the harmonization of processes and methodologies. Offering a great Customer Experience implies carrying out projects tailored to meet the customer,  increasing cost control and operational efficiency.

onStage® balances people, information and systems in “sustainable” processes.

onStage® means identifying, developing and translating the needs of different business departments (marketing, sales, customer care) in order to redesign applications and processes in a way that put innovation on the front lines.

onStage® maximizes existing technology investment already made by the customer.

onStage service oriented architecture is based on the government of four key layers, with a constant focus on customer experience management

  • TouchPoints, the point of customer contact;
  • Interaction Management, customer management tools;
  • Knowledge Brokering, knowledge management tools;
  • Core Transaction, mission-critical business systems(legacy).;

Companies need to innovate to be competitive. BIZMATICA’s onStage proposition is the best solution to face the challanges that IT and Organization must win to secure companies’ competitiveness. OnStage is pure innovation “- Andrea Piol, Bizmatica Chairman.