Board Members

Andrea PiolAndrea Piol

Board Member and Partner
Technology Scouting , Key Partners Management, International Activities

Andrea Piol (born in 1966), lived and studied in New York, USA, for more than 5 years. Upon his return to Italy, he began his professional career in the information technology market as a freelancer and then as a partner for a software company while he studied Economics at Università ‘Bocconi. He cooperated with CASPA, a research and personnel selection company operating in IT and Telecommunication.

In 1995 he worked for Oracle as a Product Manager and quickly became Business Development Manager of their Business Intelligence division, where he helped managing intranet and networking applications. In June, 1999 he left the company and decided to pursue his own internet business ideas. He created PUNTO and was its CEO until 2001.

In March 2001, he became CEO of Bizmatica Spa, a system integrator that provides innovation and value in company business through innovative solutions and services for a strategic front office. Since 2008, he has been Partner and Chairman of Bizmatica Group.

Paolo BonettoPaolo Bonetto

Board Member and Partner
Operation and Organization Director, Controller

Paolo Bonetto (born in 1967), earned a degree in electrical engineering at Politecnico of Milan, and then moved to Los Angeles, where he worked for Inference Company’s R&D team for more than two years. When he returned to Italy, he operated in Delos (Olivetti Group) as a business unit manager and was responsible for bringing to italian markets Olivetti’s Remedy Corp products. In 1994 he took part to the first two years of start-up of Omnitel Pronto Italy (now Vodafone) by introducing the same technology from the main British banks (Barclays Bank, Abbey National, Alliance & Leicester, Halifax, etc. ..) in cooperation with Olivetti UK.

In 1997 he founded CallNet Progress (Progress Group) and he became Technical Director. In 1999 CallNet Progress became a well-known and profitable company and joined together with AMI group, a leader in call center services. Paolo Bonetto worked as a technical supervisor for the group.

In 2001, he joined Bizmatica as a Manager of their Customer Care and Call Center solutions division, and promptly became responsible for Service Delivery. In 2005 he became Chief Technical Officer of Bizmatica until December 2008, when he became Partner and was named Chief Executive Officer of Bizmatica group.

Max Bulling

Board Member and Partner
Sales and Marketing Director, Key Accounts Management, Business Development

Max Bulling (born in 1964) has over twenty years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He has developed strong skills in leading companies focusing on providing technology solutions in the front-office business sector.

In 1990, he joined the Group Progres, first as technical manager for the CAD division and subsequently, in 1994, as head of a new business unit (Net & Groupware), specialized in systems support, communications, business processes of front-office and back-office and emerging technologies.

In 1997, he founded CallNet Progress within the Progress Group and became CEO. This company was “first mover” in providing advanced solutions for managing interactive multimedia content and knowledge management in the Italian market. In 1999 CallNet, led by Bulling, became part of the Group AMÌ which specialized in outsourcing call centre services. In 2002 he was appointed Managing Director of Bizmatica Spa and covered this role until 2007, when he was appointed CEO of unTecnico, a new start-up company of Bizmatica group. In 2008 he became Partner of Bizmatica group.