Founded in 2000 as system integrator, Bizmatica provides its customers with the best skills to support their profitable growth and return on investment, by focusing on Customer Management and Operational Efficiency.

Bizmatica serves more than 70 large companies in different market fields and helps them to invest in highly focused  IT projects with the objective to achieve competitive advantages in their market.

Bizmatica’s clients are extremely demanding in terms of business models and architectures and require a mix of technological expertise and deep knowledge of industry processes.


Opposed to traditional system integrators, Bizmatica implements systems and applications with TCO and Change Management reduced by over 40%. Moreover, the Company distinguishes itself from competitors for its ability to share its know-how with the IT department in order to hand-over the system for in-s

ourcing of maintenance and evolution.

Long term investments in international alliances have always played a key role in the growth and success of the Company.

Innovating relations is at the heart of Bizmatica business model, its solutions include:


 Bizmatica, which is based in Milan and has more than 130 specialists, has achieved a positive result in 2011 with a consolidated net revenues of  EUR15M and a positive trend.