EconocomItaly Group: The One Digital Company is reinforced with the launch of a new reality

The Econocom Italy Group, player enabling the digital and technological transformation of companies, is proud to announce the birth of a new reality, which will be created with the integration of the companies Asystel Italia and Bizmatica Sistemi, as part of the Econocom Group’s Products & Solutions business line.

Thanks to the breadth of the offerings, which will be able to cover the entire IT value chain, the new reality aims to position itself as a leading Italian Digital Enabler on the market, thus allowing the Econocom Italy group to further consolidate its leadership as One Digital Company, a digital general contractor able to combine the economic skills of the Technology Management & Financing business line with the technological and digital skills of Products & Solutions. It is a further step within a growth path that aims to create benefits for customers and partners and which is consistent with the will to meet the companies’ innovation needs in an increasingly proactive, integrated and consultative way, thus as required by the rapidly and constantly evolving digital market.

The offer of the new reality will be based on six main areas of expertise developed over more than thirty years (software & data engineering, cloud & infrastructure, endpoint management, digital process, multimedia & digital, cybersecurity & networking), governed by the integrated proposition of managed services, operation centres and staging & logistics. Customers will therefore be able to count on a strategic and technological partner, with a solid presence in the territory, capable of supporting them in their all-round innovation processes.

Emanuela Verzeni, CEO of Asystel Italia, will take over as CEO of Econocom|Asystel Bizmatica, and Max Bulling, Managing Director of Bizmatica Sistemi, will take over as Solutions Engineers Director of Econocom|Asystel Bizmatica. Verzeni and Bulling will be part of the Products & Solutions business line’s Leadership Team in Italy with Alessio Lechiara, Country Manager of Econocom Italy Group. Together they will outline and implement the strategy of the new reality.

“We are the One Digital Company, a single point of contact for companies wishing to undertake a 360-degree innovation and digital transformation path. Though the new organizational structure, which aims to consolidate the wide and distinctive offering of our group, we are certain that we will be even more responsive in comprehensively meeting our customers’ technological and business needs. Synergies and best practices will be further consolidated to the benefit of all our Group stakeholders”, said Alessio Lechiara, Country Manager of Econocom Italy Group.

“Econocom|Asystel Bizmatica redesigns the IT ecosystem of companies, focusing on the optimisation of the employee experience in the digital enablement path. Leading the Econocom|Asystel Bizmatica wants to continue to spread the culture of innovation and excellence, which have always characterised us, promoting customer orientation and the development of human capital”, said Emanuela Verzeni, CEO of Econocom | Asystel Bizmatica.

In the picture, from the left: Alessio Lechiara – Country Manager of Econocom Italy Group, Emanuela Verzeni – CEO of Econocom | Asystel Bizmatica, Max Bulling – Solutions Engineers Director of Econocom | Asystel Bizmatica.