Cloud infrastructure and AI management: a trend for Gartner, a promise for Bizmatica

The relentless race towards the technological innovation and the development of increasingly high-performance information systems nowadays is the focus of companies operating in the IT sector.
Year after year, humanity’s taking steps towards digitalization that some time ago they were seen as utopian and, even in 2023, new technologies will appear, while others will consolidate.
Among the trends that Gartner has drawn up for the coming year, we will focus on two in particular: scalability of cloud infrastructures and AI management

Scalability of cloud infrastructures

In order to reduce business costs related to activities and maintenance of physical infrastructures, the principle of vertical scalability of cloud platforms is becoming more relevant than before.

In particular, this solution provides for specific data set in relation to the area, which will guarantee both the advantage of reducing costs and improving the quality of the services provided.
Cloud services, in general, provide companies an extremely high competitive advantage, thanks to the enormous potential for the availability of technological innovations.

By taking advantage of the vertical scalability of cloud platforms, companies can develop offers that respond to the new dynamics and current realities, without worrying about developing concretely the underlying technology.

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Artificial intelligence to improve services and adaptability

The integration of artificial intelligence is, as already mentioned, one of the top trends of 2023.
According to ongoing research, it has shown that will be even more necessary to have an AI system to take advantage of increasingly cutting-edge results and obtain benefits such as: better interaction dynamics between the various sectors and greater adaptation to working conditions.

In this case, we speak of adaptive artificial intelligence: a form of data development based on machine learning, which allows the software to process data in real time by users, to create a continuous output and adapt to any type of request.

Basically, thanks to the use of an adaptive Artificial Intelligence it is possible to improve the service offered, optimizing costs.

Bizmatica’s commitment

Bizmatica, with its twenty years of experience in the management of digital transformation paths of companies, is one of the main solution providers to stand out for the constant tension to seek innovations in the cloud and AI, able to ensure < strong> competitiveness, cost control and operational efficiency.
As for the cloud strategy, Bizmatica has always accompanied companies in all the steps and processes of migration to the cloud, in search of greater flexibility, supporting CIO in redesigning the infrastructure in order to be naturally cloud oriented.

Following an in-depth initial assessment, Bizmatica enables effective and secure management of the cloud infrastructure and allows IT, Finance and DevOps teams to make informed business decisions by constantly monitoring cloud resources in terms of speed, cost and quality.

Moving into AI, Bizmatica rides the main innovation trends, including the use of Artificial Intelligence (eg RPA, Chatbot, Voicebot, Empowering Augmented Humans tool) to permits companies to offer innovative services to its customers throughout their customer journey.
In particular, the solutions proposed to balance process automation with the proposition of increasingly personalized services, according to a systemic-relational approach , meaning an implementation method oriented to the impact of innovation on the company as a whole.

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