Bizmatica and Menocarta: partners for excellence in the digitization of processes and documents

Bizmatica and Menocarta have decided to work in synergy to bring into the market integration and optimization solutions, end to end, of digitization for the upper-mid market.

Bizmatica, a company of the international Econocom group, has been involved in increasing the competitiveness of companies for over 10 years by optimizing and transforming the main business processes, bringing the know-how gained in the enterprise context within Italian PMI’s.
Bizmatica presents a dedicated offer, both in terms of functional-technological and financial consultancy, and project management according to appropriate models, both of governance and of DevOps, based on an innovative approach guided by a people-centric culture through the methodology agile and ROI oriented.

“Innovation is not buying technology”, this is how Menocarta presents itself, a network with a European vision, which makes innovation and digitization its statement. Menocarta offers consultancy in the Digital Transformation and RegTech fields, guiding companies in the adoption of innovative technologies compliant with the regulations in force. Following the stringent legislation, issued on 01/01/2022, companies increasingly feel the need to seek legal, IT and archival skills outside the company, so Menocarta, possessing the required expertise, also proposes itself as Head of Conservation according to the AgID guidelines.

The collaboration with Menocarta has already seen success in high-level enterprise projects, side by side to offer a coherent and innovative value proposition with market demands. The strength of the partnership is to combine Bizmatica’s expertise in process & amp; workflow management, both operational and functional, with dedicated solutions that are perfectly compliant with regulations such as electronic signature & invoicing, electronic document management & storage.

A single interlocutor to “lead” companies towards the challenges of Digital Transformation by seizing opportunities and advantages, creating tailor made projects aimed at coordinating and improving company processes and productivity, using the most modern technologies.

Taking the words by Stefano Nalesso Ercolin, CEO of Menocarta “it is thanks to valuable partnerships that the Network boasts a digital excellence compliant with regulations with innovative border technologies, perfectly in line with the needs of the market from SMEs to Enterprise”.

Graziano Gecchele, Bizmatica Digital Process Excellence Practice Manager declares “The strong innovative drive and constant attention to the needs of our customers, linked to the dynamics of Digital Transformation, are the factors that unite us with the Menocarta network. In addition to making our skills in the digital processing field available, joining the network will allow us to have easy access to solutions that can broaden and strengthen our proposition on several fronts “.

The differentiation and complexity of Bizmatica’s solutions portfolio, together with the skills of the Menocarta network, share as a long-term objective the desire to undertake important projects that will involve the Network at 360 °.

Soon we will be able to tell you more about our successes, follow us to discover the next evolutions…