Thanks to the voicebot, created with the support of Bizmatica, the energy player has improved the customer service, reducing the abandonment rate waiting at the switchboard by 30%, also managing to optimize inbound commercial activities. This is from the speech by Lorena Cappelli, Customer Service Manager of Engie Italia.

On the other hand, there’s an increase of the fluidity of customer care processes, which are more oriented towards the enhancement of the specific skills of each operator. Furthermore, there’s also a greater customer satisfaction, that lives more and more effective and satisfying experiences when they interact with the front-end. Centrally, a significant saving of time and money, with costs per contact that are drastically reduced as the system is refined.

These are the advantages that can be obtained by implementing a voicebot within the company telephone switchboard. Provided – it must be specified – that the artificial intelligence that powers the virtual assistant is properly trained. How? By leveraging the continuous analysis of the issues that customers usually pose to operators and comparing them with the real expectations that correspond to each intent.

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