Bizmatica Swiss, part of the Bizmatica group, has become part of ated-ICT Ticino – an organization that has the mission of informing, educating, passionate about digital technology, supporting professionals, companies, associations.

By joining ated, Bizmatica Swiss aims above all to “facilitate innovative projects and create synergies that bring added value to the economic and social fabric” of the Canton of Ticino, as stated in the association’s mission itself.

Bizmatica Swiss was born with the aim of transferring to the Swiss market all the experience and expertise of the Bizmatica group, which has been operating in the ICT market for over 20 years by leveraging innovation to support companies in digital transformation processes.
In particular, Bizmatica will support the association by supporting the various initiatives, participating in associative life and sharing valuable content with a focus on the main technological trends in:

  • DevOps, for the optimization of business processes with particular reference to the banking, energy and telecommunications sectors thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), process automation (RPA) platforms and other advanced technologies for the automation and simplification of operating procedures;
  • Digital Workplace, to share applications and data with collaborators to make teams more productive, regardless of where they work or what devices they use;
  • DataOps, to help people, organizations and connected objects to optimize the use of data and information in compliance with policies and regulations for the rapid implementation of new services and applications to support business processes through data management, virtualization and data masking platforms.

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