“We believe that in 2020 there will be a further acceleration of all those projects that have a direct impact on people’s experience.  This acceleration will be supported by trends and innovations considered up to now in isolation, but which instead will be integrated more and more with each other.

We think of Augumented Humans and Augumented Things projects, able to optimize the real and perceived value of services, through, for example, Voicebot, Chatbot, Machine Learning, AI, IoT and Servitization solutions. The greatest market opportunities will therefore develop towards all those projects that can improve efficiency and operational effectiveness by offering a high quality and extremely personalized service.

Therefore, leveraging on our twenty years of consolidated experience, we have adjusted our go-to-market strategy with the emerging market needs and organized our offer in clusters that aggregate and integrate innovative technologies: Customer Management & Engagement, IoT & Service Assurance and IT Innovation.

In these areas, we also believe it is essential to implement solutions compatible with agile approaches, to combine the needs related to business continuity and to to with innovation. All this with a constant process of renewal of the business model “.

Max Bulling, Board Member Bizmatica

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